Saturday, October 3, 2009

C e r a m i c s

I am doing ceramic elective at college beside my majoring class. The projects are producing ceramic artworks based on the techniques that have been taught, pinching, hollowing, slabwork, coiling, paddling. Throwing technique will be taught later.

There are several kinds type of clays for ceramics. At this time, I used terracotta - red earthenware clay. This clay reminds me with chocolate because of the color :)

However, the images below were taken before firing to the kiln.

Project 1 : Pinching Personal Heritage Bowl
Title: The Lovers
Year: 2009
Function: bowl, decorative bowl.

Project 2 : Hollowing Container

Title: Daddy and me
Year: 2009
Function: container, decorative figure

Project 2 : Slab work
Title: Kisah Klasik
Year: 2009
Function: decorative object

Project 4 : Paddling object
Title: Cloudy Perfume
Year: 2009
Function: aromatherapy burner, decorative figure.

Project 2 : Coiling
Title: Casu Bank
Year: 2009
Function: money saving box, decorative figure

Hopefully all of them will survive at kiln during firing. I'll post the images "after" later.

C l a y A r T


Trexi 4th anniversary design competition

I participated in Trexi 4th anniversary design competition, organized by Play Imaginative Singapore

My designs below are inspiration from the characters I designed :)

Go Character and toy design!



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