Saturday, February 23, 2013

Background Playground exhibition

The 2nd show of Make Space Initiative pilot pedagogical program, Background Playground featuring Rubin Hashim, Bridget Tay and Pyus Zhang, is about the process based studio practice of today. It is a righteous attempt to highlight not just the importance of the studio process in contemporary art, but also the significance of the viewer’s engagement with it.

Exhibition organized by: Make Space Initiative Make Space Initiative is one ambitious movement for two groups of people - the artist and the audience. Focusing on the proliferation of contemporary art, critical thinking and striking relationships between the artists and the audience, we hope to contribute to the dynamism of local visual arts culture through education and support. 

*This project took off with the support from Pocket Rocket

Roll The Scoop and the Ice Cream POP!
mixed media installation
40 x 33 x 50 cm


Background Playground Exhibition 
Merely Ice Cream @ Sunshine Plaza, Singapore
21 Jan - 3 Feb 2013
Mon - Sat: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Culture Square Grand Opening

My recent exhibited works  

The Grey Man Has Left
Pen and acrylic on canvas panel
15x15 cm 

Blowing New Planet
Pen and acrylic on canvas panel
15x15 cm 

 Stargaze Tower Above the Sun 
Pen and acrylic on canvas panel
15x15 cm 

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Tale of Constellations (update)

Have been working for my very first solo exhibition at Esplanade this March over the past 6 months. Tiring and exciting at the same time. Thanks to the Lord for His grace and strength all the time.

Our 92 themepark constellations (small and medium) are done! 6 more days left before the deadline to complete 2 big constellationa (app 100-200 cm).

I know i can do it!
I can do it!

Early Summer

When it's Summer, let's go sunbath at the beach,picnic and nap on green pasture,and sing a dreaming songs.

New works (2013) for SALE

Affordable artworks are available at Culture Square.

 series of Stars Constellation (15 x 15cm)

series of The Tale of Galaxy Tourists (20 x 20cm)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coming up right after CNY

 23/30 paintings

 Label 1/23

 Culture Square 
(Image courtesy of CS)

Culture Square, The Uncommon Place for Art open its doors on 13 February 2013 at 72 Duxton Road​!


Friday, February 1, 2013

That's all in January

- Has to be more happiness in the '13
- promise more updates in blog
- INSOMNIA! annoying!

- Officialy the first day of 'face the wall' thingy. Graaah!
- was 'poisoned' by own cooked food.

- One's kind soul could not be replaced with anything else
- 50 bucks is gone just like that!
- Big NO NO comparing one with another!

- Don't take life too seriously, please!
- Stop reminding me about the past!


- Trusting money is foolish
- acknowledge your weaknesses and FOCUS with your strength.

- Skydiving! #BeforeIDie
- Jackie Chan is AWESOME!
- don't get attached with things that eventually wasting your time 

- Feeding the children with MATH (the subject i hate the MOST)

- I'm Goin nuts, another mission to be done!
- Non-documentary memory is the most beautiful moment to remember
- Work for the Lord, not people!

- "So, are you special?" #reflection
Ahh thought would be a secret admirer. Harhar. It's been a while to have an #UnexpectedSurprise 

- i am sad :,(

- In my time of need, there is only one name i need to remember...
- life won't be awesome without knowing RED ARMY

Invading this March

- Silence is not golden, BUT diamond!
- Because You can, therefore I can

- "This is the special one. This one will do great things for Me"
- 1/4 of 100 years; 75 years to go #SilverAnniversary

- do not hold back for the things happened in the past
- do not regret for things have yet happened before

- love hate relationship :,(

- what a tiring week.
- do not have Chinese tea for dinner. Trust me!

- some people shit and run! But eventually they will step on it  

  one day #politic!politic!politic!
- rare wish: time goes really fast this time

- fail to plan = plan to fail.

- the hardest job: Mother, Teacher
- will be 'insurance sales girl' every two weeks in a month

  Graaah lost my voice.
- the secret place: green pasture on top of the mountain


- I din't feel like doing anything buy i have many to do

- God is yet done with me 


- What i see is not what u see. But God sees both

- The witch in storybook is real! #FantasyAlive

- When you're BiG one day, remember the small small beginnings

- I miss home :,(

- Zephaniah 3:16-20. Deu31:6,8. Josh1:5,9. Ex4:12 #God'sPromises 
- "Do remember ME whenever and wherever you go..." :,|
- Mission --> the art of pedagogy 
- Start and end the day with #prayer...

- 106-then and now, we are strangers in the land 
- Indeed i read more books this time; children books...

-  I trust in You alone, my Lord 
-  tired physically

- 290111 the name in the pocket (once i find the person, surely  

  i will let you know)

- The Paralel universes of you in this dimension
- Under water discovery! at S.E.A Aquarium 

- Little Mason, little thing about oneself, mundane little 
  interesting discovery

- Pray, believe and the extraordinary happens! #GodReigns 


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