Monday, January 18, 2010

when... love... hate...


People love drawing, I hate painting (when...)

She loves you, I hate him (when...)

We love each other, I hate myself (when...)

He loves to be here, I hate to be there (when...)

You love me so, I hate hating you more (when...)

They love flowers, I hate this lyric of song (when...)

I love in long lonely road, I hate the meaning of love...





18.01.10 12.52 AM
When my brain is upside down thinking the ideas for "still life" drawing project


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fabric fun

One day afternoon, I feel so bored at home. Looking for something to do, and I found my old ninja pant. At the same time, I remembered long long time ago, I had desire to create fabric toy. So, together with old idea and old green pant, daddy jeans, brother t shirt, also childhood pillow cover, I recycled them into fabric fun toys as shown below.

Introducing to you:







all together

Happy together!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attention to Toys lover!

Another toy design contest!

deadline: 8 February 2010

Read here for original post

Good luck!


Happy birthday once again!

Today is another day for Jang Soo Ni to blows out her candles from yummy birthday cake. So, let's wish her to be a better person and all the best for her!

Happy birthday, girl!


letters, words, and poetry

When I backed to home town, I found some old poetry and never ending story telling that I wrote in the past few years ago when I turned on my desktop.Actually I purposely wrote this poetry to support one of the story. But, I haven't completed it, till now...


Biarlah engkau hanya menjadi mimpi dalam imajinasiku
Menjadi angin yang menyejukkan hatiku di saat aku kesepian
Menjadi bintang kecil di malam kelam yang setia menemaniku

Aku tak bisa lagi mencintaimu seperti dulu
Tak bisa lagi menatap dan mengusap tiap tetes air mata yang jatuh dari matamu yang indah
Tak bisa lagi merengkuhmu dalam pelukanku kala perasaanmu galau

Aku tidak pernah menyesal mencintaimu
Aku tidak akan mengucapkan kata-kata perpisahan
Karena ini bukan akhir dari dunia
Aku juga tidak ingin berdoa untuk kebahagiaanmu dan kebahagiaanku
Karena ini bukanlah akhir dari cerita kita

Biarlah waktu yang menjawab semua
Semua tentang kita
Biarlah waktu-Nya yang menentukan segalanya
Karena segalanya indah pada saatnya

pYus 2007


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