Friday, May 18, 2012

Real Unreal

Real Unreal

2012 | stop motion-video animation

 collaboration with Nathania Zaini and Amanda Lee

“Real Unreal” is experimental stop motion-video animation that explore the dialectic between dream and reality. Like other activities, sleeping is something that we engage in every day life. And very often we think dream is some sort of illusion or imagination created by the subconscious mind when we are sleeping. However in this work, the border line between both states is questioned where dream world has relativity reality like the real world.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

BuuBuu from furry Monsters Land says hi!


it's been ages i have never been here, i guess?! have been busy, stress, freak out, etc etc for the past few months. there were hesitation to come back to write and post some stuffs here but i've changed my mind.

well, it is two-month long story after all, and to summarize i'll make it short:
1. stress stress with dissertation. I am such dumb in writing 
2. misbehaved laptop, but thank goodness SHEVA saves my days!!!
3. it is the last semester after all, gotta work harder!!!
4. i will miss my studio space forever!!!!
5. i miss Petty and friends T.T. will be home in June, may be
6. plan plan plan what to do next!
7. "For You, I am willing"
8. I can do all things! all things! through Christ who strengthens me all the time!

ps: that's for now. i'll come back soon to update latest works.

stay tuned.



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