Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shape space exhibition

For a reason, I couldn't come to the opening of my group exhibition on 16 Sept 2010. Tried to go to the exhibition last week, but i lost on the way to the place. So today(the last day!), went with lecture and other sculpture students.

thanks to Ahmad, for the mini pedestal

Ah ya, I felt glad for my lecturer, Zai who won the merit prize, hooray!
Thanks to Shah, Hazel, and Lily for making this happen!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Swim pop

pen, color pencil, water color on black mountboard
21 x 29.7 cm (each)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

random days

I should...
- understand myself more and more
- go for another adventure, all alone, just like old days.
- not being so stress what I am doing now
- go museum, and get great inspirations from the masters
- stop comparing my self with others.
- start thinking for my future, at least a plan after graduating from school
- improve my English
- move one step further from my comfort zone
- go for another to another opportunity
- keep on challenging and be more professional in my works
- always keep in mind, "there is no short cut in life!
" and "If you want to be famous, the first thing you have to do is stop wanting to be famous." - Adrian Shaughnessy
- keep on walking with God no matter what happened
- so on
- and so on
- etc
- and many more...

Kyoko Sakamoto yeah!!!

Just want to share very Kawaii figures by Japanese artist, Kyoko Sakamoto

I love! I love!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

アイスクリーム ダンス

I miss my Petty so bad....:`(
Wish I could fly to hometown right away just to meet her, also Yuki, Bulbul, Hiro and Baby.

I've been doing drawings for my project, and mostly what I drew was me and Petty.It really make me feel homesick, and keep on thinking of my family on another island with a hope they're doing well.

I was too lazy to do my project this afternoon, so decided to decorate my sketch book with this!

アイスクリーム ダンス (Ice cream dance)
pencil and watercolor on paper

Petty nyunyu arr, aitakute!


Stick On Haring!

Stick On Haring! exhibition!wohoo!
my characters are spotted with red circle.
place: around Italy
my contribution here
Combo Jean-Michel Basquiat - 12/09/2010 Stick My Pop - Circolo degli Artisti, Roma (Italy)

10/08/2010 Stick On Haring! in Tour -
1st Stage in Pisa (Italy) - The baby-shape and "Tuttomondo" - Haring's Mural - Letizia Capuzzo's Photo

10/08/2010 Stick On Haring! in Tour -
1st Stage in Pisa (Italy) - The new combo side of the big shape - Letizia Capuzzo's Photo

10/08/2010 Stick On Haring! in Tour
1st Stage in Pisa (Italy) - The run and heart-shape and "Tuttomondo" - Haring's Mural - Letizia Capuzzo's Photo

16-31/08/2010 Stick On Haring!
in Tour 2nd Stage at OZ Shop in Poggibonsi (Siena-Italy) - Letizia Capuzzo's Photo

27/08/2010 "Stick On Haring!"
in Tour 3nd Stage at Am Hof Square in Vienna (Austria) -
Keith Haring and Jenny Holzer (1986) Vs Stelleconfuse and Stickaz Huntaz (2010)

Big thanks to Stelleconfuse Tree for the opportunity!



Friday, September 3, 2010

Swim to the rainbow

Swimming pool drawing project! Basically, do drawing that inspired from swimming pool. I chose Jurong East swimming complex, because the pools are so fun!
Here some snapshots inside the complex.

wave pool

Lazy river


And below are some selected studies:

@studio space

I love to draw Petty in bikini
pen and color pencil on paper

pen and color pencil on paper

Swim Ring
pen and watercolor on paper

Droplets on Pool
pen and watercolor on paper

Pool Ring
color pencil and watercolor on paper

Ring Pop
pen on paper

will be posting the final outcome later.



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