Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Designing GupGups Competition by TOYSREVIL x Gup Gups

Deadline: 20 June 2011
More info here

little update

holiday season is oN
but too lazy to move my ass around

keep myself little bit busy
with some stuffs here and there
watch more movies
wonder around

just start doing animation project
which i have never touched for damn so long
thus i'm quite freak out in the moment

that's all for now
i guess?

Monday, May 30, 2011

The 2nd Small Sculpture Show

more info read

Bali is My Life - The Travelogue project

Fascinated with the figurative sculpture, crafts, and shadow puppet from the observation during Bali trip in February 2011, in this project, I am presenting a new way of looking shadow puppet which incorporates traditional culture aesthetic and value with contemporary theme and approach by creating self expression of own imagination characters that originated from the inspiration and experiences in Bali trip.
The way of performing the puppets is similar play with the string puppet and shadow puppet (wayang kulit) with showing the aesthetic in front of the screen and engages the viewers’ attention. The works are created to bring the notion of narrative and storytelling through the artist and artworks.

Bali is My Life monument

Penari (dancer)

Monyet (Monkey)


Aston @ Grand Kuta

Tuan Kuat( Mr. Strong)



i wayang

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New blog

"Unto You Lord, I give You my devotion" is about personal Christian life journey with the Lord, Jesus Christ.
The blog will be filled up with writing, drawing, or inspirations.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sketchbook Project World Tour 2012

Project Dates
Sign up by October 31st, 2011
Postmark your book by Jan 31st, 2012
Tour starts April 2012

more info here!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Traits Of A Good Street Photographer by IPA

extracted from IPA post on
10 Traits Of A Good Street Photographer

We were recently asked ‘what traits make a good street photographer?’ While there are no hard and fast rules, and there will always be exceptions, here are 10 traits we have noticed.

1. Life Experience

A good street photographer has life experience allowing him/her to connect to all walks of life, and empathize with their griefs and glory. Life experiences are unique to each individual so photographs drawn from them will be original.

2. Curiosity

A good street photographer has child-like curiosity because street photography is by nature voyeuristic. If you are bored with the world, you will be blind to her magic.

3. Hunger

Street photography is much like hunting. You must be hungry to go out there and hunt till you get that shot. Good hunters stalk their prey very patiently before sniping.

4. Good Taste

Understanding what makes a good image helps a good street photographer execute better photographs and tell better stories. It also helps with editing out ones that don’t make the cut.

5. Invisibility

Good street photographers have a certain calmness and quiet about them that helps them blend in. When they are invisible, their subjects and scene willingly disarm and reveal themselves.

6. Wit

A good sense of humor and wit goes a long way in spotting and opening opportunities. And good wit is universal.

7. Humility

Great street photographers are almost always humble, modest people. They brag about life, not themselves nor their work.

8. Lateral Vision

A good street photographer is a good observer with great lateral vision. Good observation and vision allow him/her to recognize and anticipate a potential street photograph unfolding.

9. Well Read

A good street photographer knows his/her stuff. Knowing what kind of photographs/art were made in the past and present, and by whom, allow a more informed approach to defining one’s own voice.

10. Great Shoes

Yes, great street photographers have great shoes. There’s a lot of aimless walking involved, and that occasional grab-your-camera-and-run from confrontations with unfriendly subjects.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The sky I want to share with you photo exhibition

my contribution:

exhibition till 31st May 2011 @
Cat Socrates
Open hour: 12pm -8pm daily
1pm - 7pm - sundays and public holiday

Address: #03-39B Bras Basah Complex,
231 Bain Street, Singapore 180231

Print and drawing open call!

LinkThe 3rd Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Thailand to celebrate on the aspicious occasion on His Majesty the King 7th cycle birthday anniversary 5th December 2011.

more info, read here

Thursday, May 19, 2011

down to the street and snap it, baby!

My submission for IPA Street Photography contest

Entry Title: Bali Boy
Photo Caption: Too shy to smile
Country in Asia where the photo was taken: Bali, Indonesia
Approximate date of the photo captured:27th February 2011
Camera or equipment used: Canon EOS 1000D

Entry Title: Poo poo Time
Photo Caption: Doing my business anywhere I want to
Country in Asia where the photo was taken: Beijing, China
Approximate date of the photo captured: 7th February 2011
Camera or equipment used: Canon EOS 1000D

Entry Title: Yellow Angel
Photo Caption: Walking down the street
Country in Asia where the photo was taken: Beijing, China
Approximate date of the photo captured: 5th February 2011
Camera or equipment used: Canon EOS 1000D

30th UOB painting of the year competition

Squares invasion open call

Tri colors

playing with primary colors and three shapes in order to create variety of forms as the result.

miniature sculptures based on the drawings

experimental animation

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Date: 27 May - 9 June 2011
Time: 11am - 8pm
Venue: Various venues @LASALLE
Admission: Free

The LASALLE Show ‘11 Exhibition is an annual exhibition by the final year students from the Diploma, Bachelor of the Arts (Hons) and Master of the Arts programmes. Showcasing the works of students from across the Faculties of Design, Fine Arts, Film, Media Arts, Dance, Music, Theatre and Integrated Studies, The LASALLE Show ‘11 Exhibition marks the grand finale of an artistic education in creativity and imagination and the transformation of these young talents to professional artists in the larger creative industries’ ecosystem. Over 800 works are housed extensively in LASALLE’s seven galleries.

Be enthralled on the opening night with live bands, wall and window projections, film and interactive media, dance and fashion parade as an interdisciplinary celebration of the arts. The evening concludes with a series of experimental performances in music and sound performances by the young musicians from School of Contemporary Music.

The LASALLE Show ’11 Exhibition is curated by Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore.

tutorial how to steal


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


acrylic paint, wood,
dimensions variable

Discovering masses possibility in building different sculpture by using these seven wooden blocks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Tobs

Meet Tobs,

a simple mouthless wooden and screwdriver robot that Pyus created in 2010.

He loves to meet fellow toys, have a chit chat, gossip or what so ever

He really love to travel here and there,

observing life and environment surround him

enjoying the life style

also, sometimes face the mystery and danger of life

wait for another series of Meet Tobs :)


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