Saturday, February 20, 2010



Feeling so blue…

A lot of thought inside this head…

When loneliness is haunted each time I open my eyes…

We will never know….

Never ever understand…

Once the time ends….

Don’t leave me…

Don’t let me go…

Fly high to nowhere…

Oh God…

All I have is just this empty soul…

Take it all and let it be yours…

pyus 2010


God of my youth I remember
Your call on my life took me o’er
Your love has seen me through all my days
I stand here by Your grace
On this altar I’ve written my life
Tells of a story I have with You my Lord
I want the world to know

God of my forever
And forever I’m with You
My life is saved with a price
Your sacrifice redeemed my soul
God of my forever
And forever I will sing
My greatest honor will always be
To serve my Lord and King

God of my all I’ve surrendered
My heart finds its rest in Your word
Praises will not be enough to show
How my love for You has grown
Nothing matters when You’re here with me
In the end just to hear You say “Well done”
Bowing before Your throne

Forever and ever
Jesus You alone in glory reign
Forever and ever
With You I walk this narrow way

by Gan KC
City Harvest Church

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Singapore CLEA design

Already seen other international designers' CLEA custom design, and i should admit that they are really C.O.O.L!!!

To view around the world designs album click this
or that

now, waiting for 23 February for 100 selected designs!

pray hard!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

One hundred love

Have you ever said "I love you" for hundred to beloved one on 100 days dating? anniversary? or on valentine day?


Shout it out loud today!
Yes you can do it!

Happy valentine day!

love you,


Monday, February 8, 2010

CLEA 2010 submission


I am so happy to finish and submit these six entries to CLEA Custom Toy Design Contest 2010.
HonKka pYus


Oushia the guard


I love me

Ula sunny day

Thanks to:
- The One who always inspire me with cool ideas.
- Cappuccino and musicians around the world that kept me awake went through the nights.

- you who always support me
- every body

Good luck for those who also participate in this contest!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

sorry for the inconvenience Caused

Sorry for the inconvenience Caused sculpture exhibition
group exhibition 2010


Praxis Space Block G Level 1 #G101 @ LASALLE College of the Arts
1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940


Thu 4 Feb – Thu 18 Feb (Closed on Sat & Sun), 10am – 6pm (Closed from 12nn -1pm)

Various Artists

Sorry for the Inconvenience Caused is an exhibition which covers a great amount of sculpture history – ranging from hard to soft materials, formal to contemporary approaches, varied techniques and multiple mediums. Despite the varied disciplines, all selected works are bound together through the unification of 3-Dimensional Art that compels a true expedition in the practice of sculpture and a meting of styles and minds.

This exhibition features students and alumni from the Faculty of Fine Arts and is curated by Fine Arts lecturer, Zainudin Samsuri.

Juriani Bte Mansor


Latex and acrylic paint


Puspita Dewi Hidayat

"Mother and child"

Blue foam and epoxy

17cm x 17cm x 13cm

Ahmad Abu Bakar

"Journey of Point to Geometry" Series 17

Acrylic and clay


Muhammad Raihan Bin Jaffar

"Di sini Ku Berdiri Di sana Musnah Semua"

Mixed media

60cm x 50cm x 200cm

Angela Goh See Yee


Raku clay (fired)


Amanda Hii

"Dinner No. 79"



Joanna Tang Shu Ai


Prismatic acrylic sheet

42cm x 42cm x 24cm

Huan Yifan

"I see, I think, I form"

Clay and mixed media


Zainudin Samsuri

"Tar-Mon" Series 2

Mixed media


Cheung Feng Xian Jodi

"The Sound of Money"

Mixed media


Gan Kwang Chuen


Mixed media assemblage

60cm x 43cm x 64cm

Shahril Bin Yunos

"Hostile Moment"

Mild steel

36.5cm x 92cm x 32.5cm

Wang Jian Jason

"Bowl and chopstick"

Ceramic clay




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