Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sometime i wish if silence could be a way of communication

Honestly speaking, i miss writing. 

For these couple months, i just felt that i have been losing vocabularies and tend to forget general daily used words :( And even sometime i need to stop the person i have a conversation with,  just to ask the meaning of the word they use. 

I think i just need to read more, 
listen more, 
write more, 
speak more, 
and more things to improve 

ah.. i am t i r e d

xxxxxx stands for Cross-stitch

Right after done with Mi Casa Su Casa and a new drawing project, i am working on this currently, the xxxxxx or what people called it "cross-stitch"Initially, i didn't want to because simply it will take forever to finish the entire thing. And indeed TRUE! Oh well, but then I challenged myself to participate in this open call by POPIN. Not sure how long it takes to be done, but find myself enjoy doing in the process making. Kinda meditation, i think.

Meanwhile, hopefully will get my own laptop before the year ends. It's been a year since my 4-years-laptop is off for good. Followed up by my sister's laptop last June, and i am still thinking it was dead because of me :0

Alright! will update again how it goes.

POPIN opening parteey!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

new drawing

 New drawing for open call. This project is related to culture of Singapore


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