Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photography for beginner 1-street photography

I wanted to have good camera like DSLR so I can learn how to take pictures like pro-photrographers. And now, I got to start save money money money to buy one in the future.

And, I took photography elective as my minor at college this semester, and luckily the lecture is damn nice, he allows us to use any camera, even phone camera. wohoo!

Grabed my digital camera, go down the streets, and took bunch of photos, and I found almost all the photos sucks! And I complaint "I supposed to use better camera!!" all the time. But there was a moment, I told myself this, "Actually, doesn't matter if you have super high class and expensive or cheapest camera in your hand now, the most important things you need to know that the real 'camera' is your eyes, and camera is just the tool to capture the moment"

Then I went back home, start researching streetphotographer, since the project is street photography and rule of third composition.

Danny Santos II shared 5 Tips on Shooting on the Streets Check it out!

Here some selected photos I took around Bugis, Singapore. I promise I'll take better pictures next time :))

I have to thanks Lily's digicam and photoshop for editing.


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