Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

So, what's next?

Time has passed so so fast..., it's been a year I am @ Lasalle. Now, it's second year!
How do I feel? I am happy,sad and stress at the same time.
I am happy because I can do any projects that I like because this year is about self-proposed project.
Sad, because I will leave the school soon and back to working life. I wish I can be self-employed or I can get a job that I love.
Stress, because I am struggling in the concept! My writing skill is getting worse and worse if compare to the past few years.

So, when the lecture asked the class what kind of
project we will be doing for this semester?
And I said, " I think I want to do something related with toys."

" What's the heck with toys? And what does it related with fine art, huh?" (Haha...this is my own thought)
Ughh... I'm still dealing with the concept, objective, rationale, summary etc and so on now, my friends! For sure, I'm going break my brain very very soon as I start writing my proposal this weekend.

Think! pYus think!!!

See you again, Shah

Today is Shah's (school technical officer) last day. It's been a year he helped me and gave a lot of advice in my works. He is also like a friend of mine.
So I present this robo-robo cha to Shah. Hope he will be doing well in his new job.

All da best, Shah


Thursday, August 12, 2010

My angel, Petty

pen, watercolor on paper
10.5 x 15 cm

Everyday I live, I know you are my little angel

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Half way

I was so bored during the holiday couple years ago, and started to doodle around on the wall.
With my stupidness, using soft pastel to color it. not only took quiet some time to finish it, but my hand also felt tired. Geee!!

Off course my Mom scolded me for what I've done. "Do you think this house is kindergarten, or what?", she said.

But it doesn't make me to stop right there. Because last holiday, I continued adding some drawing, and using water color to paint it (no more crayon or pastel). And I was so happy to mix the color and made the drop effect!

Irama Electronic, Stabat

Dad, Mom, and Petty


I didn't take much photos before leaving. So, I guess next holiday I'll be working on the mural again and take more documentation.

Thanks for the help,

Ly and Bulbul

However, this is not the end! For sure, I'm going to make my Mom shout on me once again during next holiday.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

little desire...




Robo-Robo Cha 2 (ロボ ロボ チャ2)

Hak!Robo-Robo Cha series 2 are here!
They are the old folks from Robo-Robo Cha village.

Robo-Robo Cha 2 - ロボ ロボ チャ 2
mixed media
dimensions variable


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