Saturday, July 6, 2013

I feel so much alive when i am productive :D

 i know, I haven't written so much. But there will be another time i definitely write super a lot. 

So yeah, the world has been good so far to me, i guess?! a little bit here and there. Have been trying to keep on drawing, keep wondering around this world, keep on doing this and that to make myself occupied with art stuffs. 

 Will see you soon in August! Ciao!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mi casa su casa in August

i'm invited by Michy Witchy  to be part of her upcoming show called "Mi Casa Su Casa" (My house is your house) in August. 

so i'm Working on this little guy. 

stay tuned! Cracking my brain now 


Monday, July 1, 2013

sea shore

Hey June!

Struggled in creating new artwork. Graah!
La vie en rose


"You will shine as I promised."
"You don't even have to try, just trust Me"
Thailand for lunch, Hawaii for ukulele, India for liveshow O.o
Live out loud your calling!

Sometime i'm mentally like 4-years-old, emotionally like 20-years-old, physically like 50-years old...
What you reap is what you sow; keep on swimming, fish!

Trying new thing always make you excited. It's been a while. We'll dive in the mind of deep blue sea

Rest of God, all i need

Losing voice (again)
People are leaving

Still couldnt comprehend how possibly we get too attached to person or thing without even knowing why
"Learn to detach.Don't cling to things, because everything is impermanent."-Morie
"One more try, give it one more try. A dream you held on for so long, go for it! Remember your forgotten dream. We live in oz."Clazziquai

Fear your God not your boss!
Feel haunted all the time.

"Don't let her define who you are. Just remember she is just human, she couldn't take your life"
To love is to let go
I'm losing creativity; Seriously I forgot how to draw! Crabbbb!

God is good more than i know...

The LORD is good more than i know
Psalm 34:8
Watching people sleep and knowing their dreams about is one kind of fun!
A dream telling me time to move on

Remember who you are; Remember who your God is

The law of attraction does work for certain people. Haha
A chance that i don't give a try


Work fast! Work smart!
I miss having conversation with the children, listening to their funny stories. Well, don't take them for granted for they are trully good speakers!


Petty, do not leave me, okay?! Too many people are leaving these days.
Pagi-pagi uda diingatin kalo orang sabaar disayang Tuhan. Amen!

"Eventually your time will come too.. Leave because you know it's the time to...."
"As I command you to be strong, be strong like a man!" "But how strong a man can be, Lord?"
Sometime people are just too blind to see the truth
Jeremiah 29:11

Farewell lunch
Fort canning, Father'sDay, Now You See Me
2nd half of the year, months of farewell :,(

Be faithful. There is a reason for everything

There will be a good time to leave too. I just need to wait for the right time when I am ready for the time

Time flies flies flies
Not happy, hating for no reason

Not in a good mood. Oh well...
Sometime couldn't stand the idea of Late late late late

Cover for a woman behind the scene
Hard to breath...

Haze attacks! Mask is back on trend!
Worried all the time is not good for your health


River safari with Matthew
Wonder how the fishes' daily life is like

Alice in wonderland's last game

A piece of peace of mind
Sometime things are better unspoken; ignorance is bliss


D2- Floating around, slowest fish. But there's another day to improve! Keep swimming fish!

D3-Dive in, dive deep. Under the sea,
When I'm retired, i want to live in kampong and doing the best last things
Keep on wondering, keep on wandering

Durian-flavor cigarette?! Hmm


No more hyperventilation! Definitely will go back to the idea of buoyancy, BCD, gear-up, inflate-deflate, tank, fresh air under open water!!
So amazed how God created and named each of the fishes . So cool!
I miss home


Post-diving: "sealag"
There is a reason for everything

There shouldn't be any regret in any decision we made.

Guard your mind... Guard your heart


What's your calling?#reflection
Bulan ini habis bulan habis gaji!T.T
"He is the LORD. Let him do what He thinks is best." Eli (1Sam3:18)


At that point of time, i realized that leaving and letting go were just matter of time. Move on!
Never too old to be among the youngster's concert
"Stay there til i ask you to come back"
"Walk with me through the storm. I'll never let go this hand."

One after another island. Uuubiiiin!
Miss cycling, but night life is no longer my cup of coffee

"You're weak yet you're strong with me"


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