Friday, August 26, 2011


Finding A Way
watercolor, pencil, peng, color pencil, gouache on paper | 50 x 62 cm | 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In the Beginning

Investigation on composition with the elements of primary colors and shapes

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Colors Song from 21 chances of two dices

I created formula to create this drawing based on two dices. I will draw a color based on the numbers that appeared from throwing the dices. There are 21 colors as the result of possibility of all numbers that appear from two dices

Friday, August 19, 2011

from A Cartographic Desire

Tanah Air Beta (Indonesia)

Mixed media on canvas |130 x 70 cm | 2011

I used to think of maps as merely just part of geography lesson which has its function to identify and gives information about certain places. However in this work, I am attracted to the aesthetics of the natural shapes of islands which are the result of the shifting and changing of earth from time to time. Coming from Indonesia, I am particularly drawn to the islands of Indonesia which gives me an idea in a new way of looking at the disparate and scattered islands that make up Indonesia.

Through interpreting these shapes and parts of Indonesia into a drawing filled with different colours that I associate with childhood woodblock toys, I wish to evoke a sense of nostalgia and memory of the country which I grew up in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some main points to note:
  • Coca-Cola will be the inspiration behind UNIQLO's 8th annual, world-famous "UT Grand Prix" T-shirt design contest
  • The winning ten designs will be made and sold at UNIQLO's stores around the world from spring 2012. Additionally, top ten entries stand to win:
    • Grand Prize x 1: SGD12,000 (USD10,000)
    • Most Voted Winner x 1: SGD6,000 (USD5,000)
    • Judges' Prize x 5: SGD3,600 (USD3,000)
    • Runner-Up Prize x 3: SGD1,200 (USD1,000)
  • Submissions are welcome from anyone, regardless of age, gender or nationality.
  • Submission period: August 4, 2011 to September 12, 2011
For more information, visit

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aelita Andre 4 Year Old Artist

Cat Socrates 2nd Cat Photo exhibition

Cat Socrates 2nd Cat Photo exhibition! From 1-Sept-2011 to 31-Oct-2011

Send one photo in soft copy (at least 300kb size; less than 2mb) to: by 30-Aug-2011

And again we will also select 45 photos and send them for sticker printing. Each selected photographer would get one sticker for free.

* Please note our space can only hold 60 photos. We will have to choose.

+ Stickers will be also sold in Cat Socrates Shop. Part of the revenue will be donated to Cat Welfare Society.

Monday, August 8, 2011

shortlisted in squares invasion

INSTINC is proud to present the following shortlisted artists:
We are now in the mist of collecting the shortlisted paintings and preparing for the catelogue. Thank you so much for participating! Watch this space!!!

Puspita Dewi Hidayat

Fann ZJ

Ivan Hoo

Caroline Mars

Filip Gudovic

Teo Shih Chin

Eunice Lim


Tew Bee Lan

Ng Kuan Shin Airik

Lily Halton

Goh Si Pei

Le Matt

Wong Tze Chau

Shen Xin

Chu Lee Yeang

Sheryl Law

Alexis Noakes

Tan Xiang Yeow


Alpana Vij

Suzanne Maree Heathorn

Dina Razak

Dasimah Binte Jalil

Khairullah Rahim

Fyerool Darma

Tang Ling Nah

Lorraine Tan

Lully Crooelly

Andy Yang

Michael Cu Fua

Valerie Ng

Tania De Rozario

Ben Puah

Angie Seah

Wyn Lyn Tan

Fang Jasmine

Kristina Mesaros

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Cartographic Desire

Thursday, August 11 at 6:30pm - August 25 at 4:00pm

Project Space @ Lasalle
1 McNally Street
Singapore, Singapore
Human beings had since time immemorial, attempted to represent and visualise their environment through the drawing of maps in a variety of manners and perspectives – some more scientific than others, whilst many are skewed projections of how we like to perceive the worlds we live in. Despite the purposes of maps that yield desire to conquer and colonise new lands through battles and feuds, the language the maps is essentially on...e that promises routes into and out of the unknown. Yet for the artist, the map is a document filled with much artistic potential with a network of assumptions ready to be use, exploit and develop.

A Cartographic Desire is an exhibition that hopes to stimulate a dialogue between art and geography. As artists become increasingly sensitive to issues of space and problems that confound the border between the real and the fictional, the maps found and reinterpreted by the artist-students in this exhibition continue to seek that experience of the individual-within-space and the multiple subjectivities that come with depicting and representing places.
The rethinking of space/place is dynamic, subjective and multi-dimensional, in which the art works in this exhibition hope to evoke so that one can reconsider if space can be represented, and the limitations of this representation.

Featuring the works of:

Bradley James Foisset
Zuraidah Zulkiple
Madinah Bte Abdul Rashid
Jessica Angelique Gabrielli
Puspita Dewi Hidayat
Questal Tay
Karen Heng Shang Li Gonzales
Muhammed Imran Bin Mohd Tarjudin

Curated By: Hazel Lim


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