Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what will the future holds?God is taking care of it

"It is the unknown that makes it so beautiful. You may not have all the answers, but keep walking. Have faith in what God has said and let God takes care of it for you."- Dominic Yeo 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What you can and can't buy

Culture Square opens their door at 72 Duxton rd, nearest MRT is Tg Pagar MRT

 Affordable artworks by various artists could be found at this place

 my artworks in the space

2/11 series of The Tale of Galaxy Tourists

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Robots from cone 3

These two robots are especially dedicated to my parents. Both are flying around in the castles at Theatre Street Cones no 3 at Esplanade through 31 Mar. 

can you spot them? :)


The past can’t lie. Don’t fight with it.
Who said the sun could find the moon?
The fantasies of a few years ago, the forgiveness of a few years after,
For one face, we nurse a whole body of hurt.

Memories really are too much. Streetlights shine on the pain.
How much doubt?
If you can’t forget that person, then give up.
--JJ Lin 林俊杰 (Practice Love 修炼爱情)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's a short month

Though the shortest month of the year, February keeps me extremely busy. Have missed out lot of things, and love from people around, but will catch up with em soon once some stuffs are settled. 

  • miss home
  • miss somebody that i used to know 
  • waiting for the FREE time
  • exhausted physically and mentally
  • DEADLINES! Focus! Run Puspii Run!
  • disappointed for i wont see you around this coming CNY :,( we miss you though
  • Monday always be long and tiring day
  • blunt brain blending with blurry bla bla bla
  • spring; season of pimples. Graaaah!
  • need a time on my own and with God alone
  • addicted with nutela and bread
  • Runnin out of time for Esplanade's (pant...pant...)
  • Mason sounds like my son. Lol
  • be limited and unlimited at the same time
  • Desperately need hibernation
  • if you don't feel good about something means it does not really mean for you.
  • apparently 90% of Birkman thingy about me is true. wow!
  • only God can do beyond the impossible
  • My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest(Isaiah 32:18)
  • CNY means all things will be MORE
  • go blunt day by day
  • money can't buy health
  • be grateful for what you have
  • the state of mind
  • by looking at Egi, once again i am being reminded that life is not only about making money
  • sehat itu pilihan
  • Ayah dan Ibu; pahlawan sejati! :,)
  • Newzealandia lives in the village
  •  6 days passed just like the wind blows and never come back
  • need to run SOON!
  • the children seem to grow taller n bigger in 6 days;
  • there is a time for everything; only believe!
  • remember the good things The Lord has done
  • being too ambitious is not always  good. Work hard for urself rather tryin to impress someone else.
  • sometime u would just think what is life about actually
  • you know, i wish i could empty the recycle bin inside my mind
  • all the way to Tampines to gather with Fine Argh people
  • considering in mind lots of things. Slow down, relax, enjoy,  you know you can do it!
  • theme park constellations are done! 2 castles more to go
  • you see sometimes one just can't help oneself that one is still thinkin about another one.
  • BIG SALUT to those who never giving up their dreams yet working hard to achieve them! SALUT! SALUT! You inspire me!
  • Who said u wont have a heart break when u fall for a child?!
  • Raffi's "Down by the Bay" is funny
  • Wise one said, "Reading your blog. I thought u did great apart from ur 'nyiau kong'! U have a great personality, u are unique in ur own way, u appreciate small little things which actually the key of happiness! I miss the old times with u when we were like best friend. I was inspired by u! We could talk about everything under the sun, we connected, I miss this feeling. Maybe u shall really slow down from ur projects and start living your life"- L
  • "As the artist, u must know what u really want, and just be confident!" Q.Tay
  • For i know God has a plan for me 'here', therefore God opens a new door, new breakthrough.
  • Down time is needed,gotta train the brain to focus
  • be extraordinary?
  •  "Did you ever see a moon in the afternoon, #DownByTheBay?"
  • Found another person to share the same born day. LOL
  • hurry up hurry up Robots, we're almost there!
  • thankful for all He has done!
  • percakapan 2 anak Secondary jadi kangen masa-masa SMA
  • thanks to those people who i have been "pangseh-ing" them but still love me
  • 10.000 hour rule, for Inggris case 5000 hour should be fine
  • Believe more, speak more!
  • 24/7 God sees us
  • we were young and ordinary back then. Yet God uses us to do the impossible and the extraordinary for His glory
  • forgetting how to enjoy life for quite sometime
  • sleepless days are now, tomorrow the next next next days too
  • The first day of setting up. Questal is the heroine of my 4 day!
  • one thing i really need now is a BED
  • stay +++ when ur brain is not corporating
  • "The(wo)man in your heart is the (wo)man after God's heart."- Q.Tay
  • Overnight set up-2hour sleep-Bishan Park outing- work- sleepy eyes - 1 1/2 nap- back to Esplanade for the 3rd nite of set-up
  • is it 7.30 in the morning or at night? #BrainGetsConfused
  • "I think the outcome is way beyond the proposal.Good job! you should  be proud of yourself!"- Q.Tay
  • God is good all the time!
  • Someone bought 2 paintings of mine from Culture Square
  • Now sleep tight buddy, we're ready for 'Mission in Action' and tell 'em our tale

In Conjunction with Mosaic Music Festival 2013


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